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General Manager

Having a lifelong love of the sea I initially worked as an International Shipping Manager for an International Fragrance & Flavour Manufacturer.

During my time working in that field, I devoted much of my spare time to working with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) and the Irish Seal Sanctuary (ISS).

Conservation and environmental issues are some of my great passions which brought me underwater by means of SCUBA. In my work with these groups combined with Scuba Diving I trained as a Marine Mammal Medic and am certified through the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). dedicated to the rescue of marine life and also the International Bird Rescue (IBR) “Which is a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates injured or oiled aquatic birds” In my work with these groups, I became involved in several aspects of marine conservation.

These included the rescue and rehabilitation of seal pups and involvement in the compilation of an Environmental Impact study in Clogherhead Harbour which led to the harbour being dredged for the safety of both Fishing Vessels and Marine Life.

Nowadays, I concentrates my efforts on the conservation of the “Irish Fishing Industry” I work w ith Dorans Skipper’s Mate as an advocate for the Fishing Vessels and their crew. Assisting with the many compliance issues that vessel owners need to satisfy daily.

I am currently working with the four Producer Organisations (Trawler owners association), Bord Iascaigh Mhara (Irish Sea Fisheries Board) and the Marine Survey Office to develop a Watch keepers Proficiency Certificate which will raise the safety level and working conditions aboard the vessels. In addition Dorans Skipper’s Mate are just about to launch a Technical System which if accepted by the industry will be a game changer and time saver in the recording and reporting of compliance.

This is an electronic aid for skippers and crewmen which records work and rest hours along with an engineering and safety checklist to ensure that both the crews and vessels are compliant and work within recognized legal parameters.

In recent times, I have worked with Sean in the School of Fish. I contribute to my areas of expertise on the day, lead groups around the harbour to explain fishing methods and locations, liaise with skippers to meet groups when available, share larger groups to ensure minute attention to individuals and also assist in social media and follow up with groups to gain feedback and help improve our offering.

It is an extremely fulfilling part of my work life as I find most participants end up as acquaintances or even friends

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